strip drain on building site

Sewer and Stormwater


We know how to unblock a drain quickly and affordably!

We offer drain cleaning and drain unblocking services including a blocked toilet, blocked sink, sewer and stormwater drain.  If left untreated, a clog in the main sewer line can result in harmful sewage flooding your home and spreading harmful germs and bacteria.  Our service provides a reliable drain cleaning, CCTV drain inspections and drain installations.

The majority of older homes in Sydney have aging pipework made from either clay or steel.  These older pipes are prone to hairlline cracks, corrosion and tree root intrusion, which inevitably lead to blocked drains.  The modern day solution is to replace your aging pipes with  durable PVC plastic.

Hills District Plumbing have invested in the best drain cleaning technology and industry tools.  Our plumbers are fully trained in providing a comprehensive assessment of your plumbing pipes.  We can give you a solution to address any problem from the smallest domestic blockage right through to large scale sewer and stormwater excavations.

Sewer Camera Inspections

We use Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to locate blockages and to inspect the structural condition of your drains.  The camera is operated by remote control.  A video monitor connected to the camera records the condition inside the pipes which are hidden from view.  When the problem is located we can consult with you to work out the best solution.

Sewer Camera Inspections

If your sewer or stormwater is blocked, we can use our high pressure jet blaster to clear the line of roots, mud and other blockages

Drain and Stormwater Repairs and Renewals

After investigation we can discuss with you the best solution, whether to repair the damaged pipework or renew the line.